Community Radio Network of Padang Pariaman Support Disaster Management System

Community Radio is playing very significant role in disaster information management system. Community radio in Padang Pariaman, West Sumatra can play significant role in disaster management through promoting preparedness, warning and rehabilitation programs before, during and after any disaster in the “red” areas. During the disaster phase community radio can standby and function in warning dissemination in local language/accents.

 According of Sabar Rina, Manager of Padang Sago Community Radio 107 FM, local young people form a volunteer group as community radio listeners club and can work using radio messages for effective publicity for readiness. Futhermore, community radio can forecast availability of first aid sources and vulnerable area for immediate evacuation.

“If all communication ways are disrupted during the disaster phase, community radio linkage government control room within liaison with NGOs and donor agencies,” Rina said.

In post-disaster phase, community radio can broadcast programs and messages on management of deaths and disposal of wastage, restoration of safe water supply and basic sanitation, promotion of alternative livelihood options, appropriate technology for restoration of communications, start immediate need assessment through pre selected volunteers, organize and coordinate relief operations by mobilizing local resources, and prioritize primary health care services.

“For the effective role of community radio in disaster management, the community radio staff should be properly motivated and radio programs should be designed with much emphasis on the disaster prepared,” Hendri Ikhsan, a activist of Kiambang FM, said.

Recently, Combine Resource Institution (CRI) and Community Radio Network of Padang Pariaman District (Bahana FM, Padang Sago FM, Kiambang Fm, and Suandri FM) is promoting the advocacy with the government in relation to community radio with other organizations since its emergence.

Yossy Suparyo, Volunteer of West Sumatra Earthquake Programm


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